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What is a VA Rehab Loan?

Most VA loans require the home to be in move in ready requirements. However, a VA Rehab loan could provide up to $35,000 to make renovations to a home. There are limitations to the type of renovations that are allowed. You cannot make updated to your home with the loan, but rather only make improvements to get to the minimum VA standard. Furthermore, although the VA offers this type of loan, it may be difficult to find a lender who will underwrite this loan.

Key Takeaways:

  • VA regulations specify that vets homes may be entered into as home-worthy only if they are safe and sanitary and spacious enough.
  • A VA Rehab loan is on the moderate side, as it is not for cosmetic enhancements or major renovations.
  • Basics that get the thumbs up for a VA Rehab loan, include ensuring a safe water supply and an adequate septic system.

“The VA allows lenders to give you these funds to help you fix up a home to meet the VA guidelines. This is one loan, so you only need to make one payment. You’ll get the funds to buy the home as well as fix it up all in one closing.”

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