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5 Road Trip Mistakes That Cost You Money

(TNS)—Lower gas prices in 2016 are motivating more Americans to hit the road for a vacation. In fact, 69 percent of American families who are planning a vacation this year are taking a road trip, reported AAA. If you’re planning…

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Confessions of a 20-Year Homeowner

My oldest son turned 20 this year. In addition to realizing I’ll no longer be able to say, “I have two teenagers,” and that I’m probably not going to be his number-one concert buddy anymore, something else hit me on…

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An Entire United States Spy Town Is Up for Auction

It’s not the first time that an entire American town has gone on the auction block, but it might be the most unusual. Sugar Grove Station, W.Va. was originally a United States Navy military base to support part of the…

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Consumer Spending Jumps the Most in Nearly Seven Years

(TNS)–Consumers pulled their wallets out of winter hibernation in April, increasing their spending at the fastest pace in nearly seven years in a sign that the economy is growing solidly again this spring. Personal consumption expenditures grew by 1 percent…

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Mood Ring House: Would You Wear Your Emotion on Your Home?

Mood rings change color as our finger temperature fluctuates—this house changes color with the tap of a finger. Behold the Mood Ring House, a rainbow spectacle outfitted with LED lamps that reflect the owner’s disposition at night. The single-family home,…

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New Survey Shows Retirees Want to Stay in Homes

An overwhelming number of people nearing or in retirement want to remain in their current home as long as possible, according to the results of a new survey released by The American College of Financial Services. The Home Equity and…

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10 Ways to Overcome Negative Vibes among Your Staff

(TNS)—Every manager has to deal with a certain amount of pessimistic, hostile or uncooperative behavior. But a hard-core negative attitude that starts with just one employee can quickly infect an entire department (or a whole company) if the manager doesn’t…

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Student Debt: How It Impacts Housing

Having student loan debt doesn’t deny your approval for a mortgage loan right off the bat, but it can definitely be one of the factors that can make or break your application. According to The Wall Street Journal, out of…

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