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The Best Military Towns Named for Investing in Rental Homes

New data was released by HomeUnion on the best military towns for investing in single-family rental (SFR) properties based on average cap rates, which are the relationship between an investment property’s net operating income (rents minus expenses) in the first…

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Oregon couple forced out of tiny home

The city named a tiny home in a residential neighborhood unfit for the land that it’s on. Now, despite housing shortages in the area, the couple was evicted from their home. These homeowners claim the government is going after the…

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Consumers less optimistic about economy in August

Consumer are losing confidence in the economy as consumer sentiment decreased in August. Consumers struggle over which presidential candidate will be better for the economic conditions or their own personal finances. Source: 1

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Louisiana lays out 3 housing options for flood victims

After flooding destroyed thousands of homes in Louisiana, the state stepped in to create housing options for the newly-displaced residents. This program seeks to very quickly to get people back into their homes, the state governor said. Source: 1

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In LA, a Walkable Neighborhood Comes at a Price

(TNS)—Nobody walks in LA, as the saying goes. But many people want to and will pay more to live in more walkable neighborhoods where they can stroll to work, shops and restaurants from home. It’s a rare luxury in most…

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Where to buy a home? Top 10 improved school districts

When it comes to buying a home, good school districts are one of the most important priorities for would-be buyers, especially Millennials. Trulia put together a list of some of the most improving districts in the nation. Source: 1

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