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Consumers less confident than any time since last year

Consumers feel less confident about the economy than at any point since last year. The impact is felt most by households that make less than $75,000, as consumer confidence in those households dropped to the lowest level of confidence since…

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Millennials see housing price bubble on the horizon

Millennials are more likely than other generations to see another economic crash on the horizon. While many want homes, they are concerned with saving up enough for a down payment. The good news is that they haven’t given up on…

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How Far Does $400,000 Go in the Hottest Investment Markets?

Have you ever wondered how far $400,000 could take you in various markets? This has been analyzed in a newly released HomeUnion report comparing investment property values in 10 of the most sought-after markets among HomeUnion’s clients. The company analyzed…

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ATTOM will now include utility costs in data reports

ATTOM Data Solutions signed an exclusive agreement that will bring utility costs to its data platform. This data includes annual and monthly electric bills, natural gas bills, water/sewer bills and neighborhood-level utility costs. The company even created a unique way…

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Immigrants becoming most important group for housing?

Immigrants are gaining on native-born citizens when it comes to homeownership rates. In one state the gap is less than 10%. While native-born citizens have the same homeownership rate as 1994, immigrants’ rate improved. Source: 1

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