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The Top 5 Ways to Use Home Equity

If you are a home owner and have been paying your mortgage faithfully for awhile, chances are you may have some decent home equity accumulated. And if your home has appreciated in value, you could have quite a bit more…

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How High can Your DTI be for VA Loans?

VA loans aren’t generally as strict about your debt ratios as many conventions loan programs are. Ideally, your total Debt To Income (DTI) ratio should not be above 41 percent, but even if it is, the VA accounts for compensating…

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How Much of the VA Loan Does the VA Guaranty?

When applying for a loan that is sponsored by the VA, applicants can typically expect an amount that is about 25% of the anticipated loan. If it is an amount that is under $144,000, they may give up to 40%,…

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Does the VA Only Allow Fixed Rate Loans?

The VA offers many different loan plans. You can make the best option for your situation. If you want to stay in the home for a long time, the fixed rate loan is a preferable choice. If you are planning…

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The Top Ways to Avoid Mortgage Lender Runaround

Your relationship with your mortgage lender does not end after your mortgage is secured. If you are getting the runaround from your lender, there are ways you can get straight answers. The law requires response from your lender within 30…

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