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Brokers: Leverage Your Influence to Help Shape the Legal Landscape

As a broker, you’re undoubtedly concerned when legislative issues threaten your business, your agents’ business or your customers’ lives. But how do you speak up and make sure decision-makers hear your concerns? That’s where the Broker Involvement Program can help.…

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2018 Forecast: Affordable Homes in the Suburbs

In 2018, anticipate home-building will shift to the suburbs, according to a forecast recently released by Zillow. Cheaper construction costs, coupled with demand for entry-level homes, is expected to lead to increased inventory in the suburbs. “We’re on the other…

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Building a Referral Business Through Innovative Means

ReferralExchange agents take an out-of-the-box approach to generating referrals Referrals have long been a key for success in the real estate business, but simply waiting for friends and family members to tell you they know someone moving out of the…

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Differentiating With the Team Approach

HomeTeam Inspection Service raises the bar in a competitive industry For Paul Spires—founder of HomeTeam Inspection Service—the idea to introduce a team of inspectors onsite came from his desire to provide a more thorough home inspection and relieve a common…

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Home-Buying Challenges: Report Finds Homeownership Delays

Homeownership is considered a challenging stepping stone on the path to the American Dream—a fact that is especially true for many millennial and minority consumers. The fifth annual America at Home survey by non-profit NeighborWorks America found that down payment…

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New home construction increases to meet rising demand

Housing starts increased significantly in October, rising 13.7%, however experts are torn about the reason for the increase, and if it will continue. While some say it is a temporary change due to the recent hurricanes, others point out factors…

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